Treat Acne to Avoid Ruining Your Big Event

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Treat acne for your spring event

Prom season is here. Spring weddings are just around the corner. You’ve got the dress, the shoes, the hair appointment lined up. But have you thought about your skin? No one wants to wake up the day of the dance to a few shiny red ones. Never fear – we have services to help you treat acne and keep it under control.


  1. Don’t pick and squeeze – instead, “pick” the right professional to help you treat acne. It’s best to leave your acne in the care of someone trained in the specific needs of our skin.
  2. Eat healthy, real, whole foods. Junk food, in the form of things like potato chips, fast food, and candy bars, can wreak havoc on your digestion. This leads to imbalanced gut bacteria, which can affect your skin with unwanted eruptions.
  3. Keep your skin clean and moisturized. Never go to bed with your makeup intact. This can block your pores and create pimples.
  4. Closely monitor the products you use. Some products may clog pores, even during the day. Check all of your skin creams and cosmetics for any of the pore-plugging ingredients below, or come to our clinic to get safe skin care products.


The above prevention tips can help lessen the severity of acne, but sometimes you need an intervention. If you already wage a daily battle to treat acne, we have procedures to help. And don’t beat yourself up about it. Hormones play a big part in our skin health. Hormonal fluctuations occur once we hit puberty, and this can show up as acne.

We use a multi-tiered approach to help you treat acne issues.

  • Skin Accumax®, a supplement from Jane Iredale®, is an effective alternative to harsh prescriptions, like Accutane.
  • We take the time to teach you about proper nutrition and skin care habits.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatments can heal acne all over the body, such as face, back, and chest. It is a relatively quick procedure, and only causes a slight pink tint to your skin for about an hour after treatment. One treatment can boast results, but cumulative treatments are best – around 5-6 total. We may add “true” laser treatments and Microneedling to treat more complex cases like acne scars, blackheads, wide pores, and milia (white cysts).


Makeup is a great way to cover up unwanted zits while also enhancing your natural beauty. We carry Jane Iredale® mineral makeup, which is a safe and effective brand that won’t aggravate your acne. If you are looking for application tips, we can assist you in picking the right shades for your skin.

The key takeaway? Never lose hope. Our professionals will help treat acne and get your skin clear and glowing so you are ready to look and feel magical on prom night. Contact us for a free consultation.

What skin care routine do you use? Share in the comments!


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