Skin Genetics: You Have the Power to Beat the Clock

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Have you ever wondered how much of the aging process you can control? Skin is the first place we see signs of aging – age spots, wrinkles, loss of suppleness – but it turns out there is plenty we can do to prevent premature aging despite our skin genetics. While genetic predisposition plays the largest role (up to 60%), aging can actually be heavily influenced by the lifestyle habits we adhere to. Healthy habits allow for the possibility of slowing the aging process, regardless of your genes.

Two recent studies, one in 2009, the other in 2013, compared multiple sets of identical twins on factors outside of their skin genetics. Researchers found that those who smoked and worshiped the sun looked older than their non-smoking, sun-avoiding counterpart. Stress is another factor that can speed up the aging process. Another study showed that getting good sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising can reduce stress-related aging.

Seeking out professional skincare procedures is an important part of keeping healthy, youthful skin. At Luminous You, we always start with a thorough health analysis, and guide clients on a path to better lifestyle routines, like using high quality skincare products and eating well. We also use procedures that can help reverse the damage from environmental factors, like an excess of sun exposure, and even fix some issues related to skin genetics, like loss of volume.

Another study done by the skincare company Olay came to similar conclusions about aging and lifestyle factors, determining that skin goes through different “tipping points” of aging each decade:

Aging Ailment: Luminous You Skin Savvy Solution:
20s: After age 21, antioxidants in skin start to deplete, causing a loss in elasticity “True” laser can help bring back elasticity
30s: The skin’s capacity to heal decreases IPL can help with cell turnover, essentially reversing the aging process
40s: Skin cell turnover diminishes IPL can help with cell turnover, essentially reversing the aging process
50s: Skin begins to sag Fillers to restore fullness

If you still want to know your skin genetics risk factors, you can order a test through a genetics company like 23andMe. But, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, you might find yourself surrounded by relatives, making it the perfect opportunity to dig into your family health history. A few conversation starters (in between bites of brunch, of course):

“Mom, what was your skincare regimen growing up? What is it like now?”

“Do we have any major skin issues or genetic disorders that run in the family?”

“Grandma, what is your secret to looking so young?”

The great news is that once you find out more about your genes, you can set out to make better lifestyle choices for better aging outcomes. Contact us today if you have any questions about your skincare routine, and how it may be influencing your aging process. We are always happy to help make someone look and feel better.

What conversation have you had with your mom about her skin? What did you learn? Share in the comments below.


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