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Medically Supervised Treatments & Services

All of our services and treatments focus on improving your cosmetic skin conditions. They are safe, comfortable, and medically supervised.

Fotona Laser Treatments

Multi-application laser technology that offers superior results for variety of conditions.

Our Fotona laser has a wide range of aesthetic applications including:
Active Acne & Acne Scars | Feet & Toenails | Female Health | Hair Reduction & Removal | Pigmented Lesions | Scars | Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation | Snoring | Veins | Wrinkles

Body Sculpting & Laser Skin Tightening

Reduce fat, then tone & tighten skin with Fotona TightSculpting®

Get rid of those stubborn fat deposits and tighten loose and baggy skin with TightScultping! TightSculpting is an effective alternative to liposuction for love handles or to reduce belly fat. Then, once the fat is gone, skin tightening treatments help tighten your skin to give you a beautiful contoured look! Skin tightening is also effective to improve the look of under-chin fullness and help women tighten stomach skin after pregnancy.

Snoring Treatment

Treatment Solutions for Snoring & Apnea

Snoring is much more serious than just an inconvenient sleep disruptor. It is a dangerous condition that can lead to future health ailments like heart disease and diabetes. Treating snoring can help minimize these health risks.

Want to stop the snoring? Try Laser Snoring Treatment for soundless, restorative sleep

Botox Injections

Revitalize your skin, rediscover your youth

Botox treatments have been shown to both repair and restore skin heath, improve confidence, and rejuvenate a person’s overall outlook on life.

Laser Hair Removal

Remove or reduce unwanted hair

Our ultramodern laser hair reduction technology safely and quickly works to gently remove unwanted hair in the targeted area.

Acne Treatment

Get your life back with clear, glowing skin.

Laser treatments are the best option to achieve acne-free skin. No more hiding under layers of makeup to boost your self-esteem.


No surgery, no double chin, no kidding!

Kybella is the only FDA approved injectable formulated to give you the perfect jawline by permanently destroying fat cells.

Vampire Facial

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Through a process called microneedling, platelets from your own blood are used to stimulate collagen growth giving your skin a healthy, younger appearance.

Dermal Fillers

Give skin a smoother, fuller appearance

Restylane, Juvederm/Voluma, and Sculptra fillers help give skin a more youthful appearance by increasing volume, smoothing wrinkles and reducing folds.

Skin Rejuvenation

Improve the appearance of damaged skin

Photo Rejuvenation improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin, removes age spots, and reduces redness caused by broken capillaries.

Rosacea Treatment

Achieve cleaner, clearer skin

We use laser treatments to target both the top and deep dermal layers to reduce redness, smooth and strengthen skin, and regenerate new toned collagen.


Improve skin texture and firmness

Microneedling rejuvenates your skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production to eliminate damaged skin and reveal healthy, firmer skin.

Hair Loss Solutions

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Whether you’re balding or have thinning hair, PRP stimulates your hair follicles to help regrow your own hair.

Luminous You Laser Skin Medispa | in St. Paul Minnesota

Dear Clients,

Luminous You is currently open and you can book your consultation or next appointment online!

Please note we have only one location in St.Paul MN. However, we offer Virtual 30-Minute Consultation/Evaluation Sessions for clients outside of the state and work with you to development a non-invasive, comprehensive treatment plan for your face and body. Learn more about Virtual appointments on our Appointments page.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan includes everything you need to know for your upcoming appointment and can be found on the Appointments page. Here are a few highlights we are asking all clients adhere to:

  • Masks are required to enter the building, in the waiting room and during some treatments.
  • If you are feeling unwell, reschedule your appointment. There are no penalties for rescheduling appointments, however we do ask you notify us as soon as possible to open the space for other clients
  • Come alone. Please do not bring any additional people with you, including and especially children. Please make childcare arrangements as it is unsafe for children to be in our clinic.

We can't wait to see you all, and hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this time!

In health,
Valery Argo
Owner, Luminous You
updated 07/23/2020