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I'm so glad I found Valery! I came in to see her for the first time about a year ago, to see what procedures might reduce some fairly deep acne scarring. And after stumbling across a photo from that time period, I was shocked to see the difference - there's been so much improvement! Lots of what we decided on takes time to be noticeable, so day by day, the change has been gradual, but that comparison photo really illustrated the great progress we've made! Additionally, Valery always listens to my concerns and provides thoughtful, affordable recommendations, including skincare recommendations. In short - she knows her stuff, and she does really wonderful work.
Kahla Davis
Kahla Davis
12:56 05 Oct 19
I could not have asked for a better first cosmetic experience! I was nervous going in, but Valery was amazing and I felt like I was in good hands with her impressive background. She did not try to push any unnecessary products or procedures on me, but instead spent a long time asking me questions, observing, and coming up with a custom plan for me. Would highly recommend.
Anna Jurgens
Anna Jurgens
01:24 26 Sep 19
Thanks Valery for my smooth face skin now, and for supper wonderful service as well. The honest business women I had ever met, Thanks so much!Thu Bui.
Jenny Bernard
Jenny Bernard
15:54 17 Aug 19
Valery can brighten your day with just a smile. She can also give you the gift of confident happiness with her caring expertise in all things naturally beautiful. Call Valery for a session and an uplifting experience!
03:08 05 Apr 19
Valery was very knowledgeable on the subject I came in for which was Underarm laser hair removal. She put me at ease and my three treatments went without incident. She always went over what she was doing and if it was too much pain (which it wasn't except for the last treatment) she would stop and give me a rest. Valery was willing to go at my pace. I'd return, and may, in the future for other procedures.
Brenda Reedy
Brenda Reedy
00:28 27 Sep 18
BBL results before and after on face of woman

I can’t say enough about the confidence I have found in myself with Valery’s help. I have gone through a lifetime of cystic acne scars and experienced judgements from others that were often very hurtful.

I dropped in to Luminous You to check out Botox to smooth my brow, as people at work were always asking me if I was angry. Valery mentioned to me that she could work on my acne scarring as she had done with her daughter. I was skeptical about such a promise as I had been consulting with dermatologists every few years to see if there was something new to take away acne scarring. A few attempts were made by other doctors, but nothing worked.

In talking with Valery, she explained various comprehensive treatments and better skin care. After consideration and many questions, I decided to trust in Valery’s expertise.

I can’t thank Valery enough for guiding me through this journey! When you have a facial identity your entire life and it starts to change in your 60’s there is a plethora of emotions, healing, and complete awe. Valery is trustworthy, honest, intelligent, and reasonable in cost for the expertise you get! In my year of treatments, I never once have been disappointed with Valery’s work. My internal dialog has changed as a new face is emerging. I’m not out to impress anyone as I have a wonderful life, but I am so happy that I was lucky enough to meet Valery! One of my lifetime wishes was to eliminate my full face of scarring and I thank Valery for her vast experience as a doctor in making my dream come true!

I would highly recommend any comprehensive package Luminous You has to offer because if she can fix my face, she can fix anyone’s face. I would say that Valery performs magic but she reminds me it’s Science. Whatever her secret, she performs amazing work and has helped me holistically in a very caring manner. I am lucky to have found someone as talented as Valery at Luminous You. Thank you!

~ Comprehensive Package Client, after 1 year of treatments

Thank you so much for all your creative and passionate work! I am so excited because your ongoing process seems so much better and safer than anything I’ve had in the past. Plus in just this short time I’ve seen a difference! AMAZING! My lips seem like my own for the first time in years and my face is already smoother. In my work “the face” is such a crucial part of being on camera and being in person with students for work. I hope you can use my results to help others. You definitely have a gift!

~ BBL Client

When I first came to see [Valery] I was insecure about the dark spots on my face. My forehead and jawline had significant sun damage. I have always been embarrassed about acne, but the sun damage as I aged caused me more insecurity than acne ever did. I am in sales and always felt I had to put on layers of makeup to cover the darkness for any sales meetings.

She was so kind and listened to what I was looking for. After seeing her for BBL, I could not believe the difference. It took many appointments and time to heal after, but my skin looks so different than when I first started. I am much more confident and wear less foundation than I used to. I often spend days at time without any makeup (which is something I never thought I would ever say). The improvement has had such a positive effect on how I feel and the time I spend each day getting ready.

I love my results and loved Valery’s approach. She does such a wonderful job of listening to clients and creating a personalized plan!

~ BBL Client

results of BBL treatment for women on face

Before coming to Valery, I have always had problems with removing hair from my bikini area. If I shaved, it always gave me razor bumps and it was uncomfortable. If I waxed, it was painful and the area was inflamed for several days. And I just wanted a permanent solution but was scared to jump right into laser hair removal. When I met Valery for a consult, she was able to answer all of my questions with science to back it up. Since then I’ve had 7 treatments with her and almost all of my hair is gone! She has wonderful bedside manner and is very personable. I would recommend anyone to her that is thinking of getting laser hair removal!

~ Laser Hair Removal Client

I was introduced to Valery in October 2018. My position [at work] had just been eliminated and I wanted a “fresh” start so I went for a consult with Valery as I felt I was looking pretty run down (and old). She asked me what I saw when I looked into the mirror and I really didn’t know how to respond as I am not one to really look at myself in the mirror. She pointed out a few things that she saw and then of course I could see it for myself when I looked. My consult was very “eye opening”.

I waited about a month or so then reached back out to Valery and decided to invest in my skin and signed up for my 6-month BBL and what ever she thought needed to be done during these 6 months. I was extremely nervous about someone doing treatments on my face and asked MANY questions about what she was doing (from the laser to polka dot treatments); however, she always answered my questions and was very patient with me.

Valery is so honest and professional that I immediately put my trust in her hands (literally!); I still asked questions throughout the treatments though. My daughters are always my best critics and at first they were not happy that I was doing anything; however, when they saw the results on my face quality, they were my best supporters! In fact, my daughter also had a few treatments done (different than mine) and was extremely happy!

I am thankful I was introduced to Valery and am very happy with my results (now part of the no foundation club which was one of my goals)! I hope to continue with Valery both personally and professionally.

Forever grateful! I won’t go anywhere else!

~ Diane, BBL Client, “No Foundation Club” Member

Broadband Light patient results

Before and one month after 3x Broadband Light treatment. Result is reduction in redness and vessels, and cheek tightening.

Valery, you are amazing!!!!!!!
You are a medical genius and artist at the same time.

– Comprehensive Package client

Results of Tightsculpting with FOTONA, 2 weeks after 2x treatments. 

Tightsculpting treatment results after 2 weeks

Results of Hair Restoration treatment using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Results after 11 months. Results are REAL! Contact us today to find out how Luminous You can help you regrow your own hair!

Hair restoration with PRP after 11 months

Looking for more lip volume? We have had amazing results with lip fillers for many clients! Contact us today to find out how Luminous You can help you achieve the lips of your dreams!

Valery!!! I just want to update you and let you know that I’m loving my results so far and it’s only been 4 days!!! 🙂 Thank you!!!!

– Facial client

“I never dreamed that my skin could be to the look that it was when I was in my 20’s! This is amazing, I am BLOWN AWAY at the results of [Forever Young BBL]”
– Forever Young BBL client

“Valery, I’m doing spectacular after our visit, no crows feet or lip lines, feel like the sins of my past no longer show on my face! I’m extremely grateful for how you’ve made me feel more confident about my looks.”
– Dysport client

 “You are so awesome!  Even though it was painful, it will be sooo worth it.  The Russian chocolate [was] very sweet of you. I am so happy I met you!!  I’ll send you some photos!”
– Hair Restoration client

 “That PRP and BBL really worked!”
– BBL and PRP client

“I have a life of experience that I would not trade for anything, it has made me who I am today. I want to look like me. I do not want to be younger, I want to look the best that I can.
Valery helps me do exactly that…”
– Fillers client, age: 60

“I want to say that I had great fears going into this procedure but [Valery’s] professionalism and calming personality strengthened my confidence.
I would highly recommend her services and look look forward to seeing her in 6 weeks.
– Kybella client

“I am so pleased how my spots were removed. Your lasers and you are magical. Getting rid of that big ugly one feels good.”
– Age spot removal client

“Finally [my] scabs fell off. No longer do I look like a ‘monster’. I have excellent results!”
– Keratosis client

 “Valery is very kind and pays attention to what your goals are from the services. Definitely recommend!”
– Botox client

“This spring I fell and seriously injured my forehead. After 3.5 hours in an emergency room, I left with a 2.5” wound over my left eye with quite a few stiches holding it together. To say the least, it wasn’t pretty. I […] looked like Frankenstein; and to make matters worse, the ER doctor warned me…there WILL be [a] scar. I was deeply saddened at the prospect of living the rest of my life frightening anyone who looked at me.

Well, after researching what I could do about this, I decided to try laser treatments, hoping it would reduce my scar a little bit. A friend suggested I go to Luminous You because she knew the owner, Valery Argo, was well trained and had been a physician for many years in Russia. I definitely wanted an experienced person working on my [face].

Valery gave me my first laser treatment and within a month, I really noticed significant healing taking place — very encouraging. Valery gave me another treatment a month later and again, more healing took place. It’s now been 4 months since my accident and my scar is barely noticeable — it is quite an amazing transformation.

I am very impressed with the results and I definitely recommend Luminous You for anyone wanting to look their best.”
– Scar reduction client

Luminous You Laser Skin Medispa | in St. Paul Minnesota

Dear Clients,

Luminous You is currently open and you can book your consultation or next appointment online.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan includes everything you need to know for your upcoming appointment and can be found on the Appointments page. Here are a few highlights we are asking all clients adhere to:

  • Masks are required to enter the building, in the waiting room and during some treatments.
  • If you are feeling unwell, reschedule your appointment. There are no penalties for rescheduling appointments, however we do ask you notify us as soon as possible to open the space for other clients
  • Come alone. Please do not bring any additional people with you, including and especially children. Please make childcare arrangements as it is unsafe for children to be in our clinic.

We can't wait to see you all, and hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this time!

In health,
Valery Argo
Owner, Luminous You
updated 07/23/2020