8 Reasons You Should Try the Vampire Facial

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Kim Kardashian has received a Vampire Facial to help defy aging

Why is the Vampire Facial so popular? It may sound like something from a bad horror film, but it is actually a simple, effective, and safe procedure that everyone from Kim Kardashian to your next-door neighbor is using to defy aging.

The actual medical term for the Vampire Facial is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) procedure. The procedure involves withdrawing the client’s blood, separating the plasma from the red blood cells, and then separating PRP from plasma. We may use PRP alone OR by combining PRP with fillers, like Restylane, to increase the effectiveness of treatment and create double the benefit. The centrifuged PRP (with or without fillers) is then injected back into your body with very thin needles, into the areas you need it most. The treatment stimulates your stem cells to produce more collagen, creating a more youthful appearance.

Here are 8 reasons why the Vampire Facial has exploded in popularity, and why you might want to give it a try:

  1. The Vampire Facial/PRP is safe. There are no allergic reactions because your body won’t reject your own blood. The side effects are very unlikely and not serious (possible short-term edema, or swelling, and small bruising). Make sure you have this treatment done by a professional to avoid infection from a non-sterile There are some contraindications* for this procedure but as long as you follow them, you will have fantastic results with little or no downtime.
  2. The Vampire Facial looks natural. Other fillers can have the effect of getting unevenly fixed in place once applied, like a glob of gel stuck to the floor. PRP integrates with our own tissue, acting instead like water spreading evenly and smoothly across the floor. It doesn’t look overdone, and the effects are long lasting – usually 8-18 months, depending on how fast the body destructs its own collagen.
  3. The Vampire Facial is an easy procedure. Particularly when done in combination with microinjection/mesotherapy or microneedling, a PRP treatment may take about 25-45 minutes, although it will require more skill when combined with fillers.
  4. Celebrities use the Vampire Facial, too. Famous folks like actor Rupert Everett, model Bar Refaeli, and, of course, Mrs. Kanye West, have indulged in a vampire facial, spreading the word through Instagram posts complete with photos mid-procedure.
  5. PRP plays well with others. PRP has been shown to have beneficial effects when combined with almost any other aesthetic treatment, like Botox, laser, fillers, Sculptra, and micro needling. In fact, they enhance each other!
  6. The Vampire Facial is scientifically proven for skin rejuvenation. The National Institutes of Health cites several studies on their website proving the efficacy of PRP for multiple treatments. One study treated 20 women (ages 40-49) with PRP and found that collagen did indeed increase after just one treatment. The study found that,PRP increases dermal collagen levels not only by growth factors, but also by skin needling (the mesotherapy technique ‘point by point’). PRP application could be considered as an effective (even a single application) and safety procedure for facial skin rejuvenation.” Of course, it will be more beneficial with 3-4 procedures in a row, and with maintenance two times per year, depending on the particular client and particular procedure.
  7. PRP is not just for the face. PRP can be done on almost any part of the body. The most effective places for treatment besides the face are the neck and décolletage, scalp, hands, arms, legs, and stomach.
  8. PRP helps a long list of skin conditions. PRP can correct aging skin, pigmentation, scars, skin laxity, and hair loss (in the aesthetic field). It can also help multiple medical conditions and has been used for dental procedures and sports injuries.

So, put away the garlic and silver and consider a vampire facial. All you need is an open mind and a readiness for better skin. For more information on the vampire facial, check out this video.

Now through December 31st, 2017 we are offering a Vampire Facial / PRP Facelift Package for $1099 (a $1300 value) – choose from face + neck OR neck + hands. Contact us with any questions about the vampire facial or PRP treatments in general. We are always bloody happy to help!


*Contraindications for Vampire Facial and/or PRP Treatments:

  • Cancer or Metastatic disease: the blood of patients with cancer, especially hematopoietic or of bone, might be infected with the cancer cells, so PRP is not advised. Same goes for any other metastatic diseases.
  • An active local infection: if there’s an existing infection in the area to be treated, you must treat and heal the infections first before applying PRP therapy. Except for some bacterial infections which PRP’s anti-microbial properties can control.
  • Pregnant or are breastfeeding: the risk of infection (even though minor) means it’s not advised for expecting or new moms.
  • A low platelet count (thrombocytopenia): patients with platelet count less than 105/ul is not advisable since the low platelet count makes it ineffective anyway.
  • Anemia or low HGB count: patients with less than 10 g/dl of hemoglobin should not be allowed to undergo PRP as their blood may be weak.
  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome: patients with any of the five types of platelet function disorders are not recommended. It may aggravate their symptoms.
  • Antiplatelet therapy: those who are undergoing antiplatelet therapy for arterial circulation may not see any results due to lack of platelets.
  • Active Smoking Habit: smoking increases blood pressure and is said to lower platelets (not always), and so the effect of treatment may be low enough to not warrant it.
  • Alcohol Overuse: we know consuming too much alcohol can diminish body’s capacity to release stem cells so alcohol intake should be controlled or avoided before and during Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments.
  • Allergic to cows: bovine thrombin is typically the standard for initiating clotting of PRP and is derived from cows. So if the patients are allergic to cow’s products, alternatives need to be arranged.
  • Septicemia or blood infection:if the blood is infected by harmful bacteria, its effects may be amplified by doing PRP.
  • Local toxicity to Bupivacaine HCL or Lidocaine:if the patient has an allergic reaction or local toxicity to these, it could trigger an adverse reaction.
  • Corticosteroid injection and NSAIDS: patients must refrain from taking any form of corticosteroid injections for up to ONE month prior to PRP therapy. As for NSAIDS like Nurofen, Voltaren or Mobic, that period is 7-10 days.
  • Recent fever or illness: if the patient just recovered from a serious illness or fever, it may be advised to wait up to 60 days before having PRP treatment.

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