3 Makeup Tips to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

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Are you looking for ways to capture that natural glow without feeling (and looking) like you’re wearing a mask? Nowadays more women are looking for a makeup with clean ingredients and a weightless feel.

Jane Iredale, a mineral makeup line, is a great choice for achieving a natural look. And it is full of feel-good ingredients that are safe for your delicate skin. Here are a few ways that the correct makeup application can enhance your true beauty rather than cover it up.

  1. Lay a good foundation. It is important to prep skin before makeup application. Use a good moisturizer and serum, then wait a minute or two before applying makeup to allow it to settle into the skin. A primer is a great addition to help smooth pores and prevent makeup from settling into fine lines. Jane Iredale offers options for both normal and oily skin.
  2. Choose the right shade for your skin tone. Use natural daylight to select a color. The jawbone is the best place to test different shades. Jane Iredale offers 16 different shades, so it is best not to guess.
  3. Set your makeup. To achieve a flawless, dewy look, and make it last all day, use a facial mist to set the makeup in place. Mineral makeup responds well to this final step.

Feeling natural and feminine at any age is easy with the right products. At Luminous You, we also recommend Paula’s Choice and Repechage skin care products as a good base to keep skin well-hydrated. Valery, our owner, has a background in cosmetology. She performs an in-depth consultation with each client to address their unique skin concerns. Then she suggests products that she knows work well because she  personally tests each one and knows which work best for each skin type.

We often hold makeup application classes at Luminous You. If you would like to learn more, or be notified of our upcoming classes, contact us today.