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Rosacea Treatment

Achieve cleaner, clearer skin

Rosacea refers to an entire spectrum of frustrating symptoms. From simple rosy or red cheeks, to sudden onset pustular rosacea, it can become very severe and debilitating. Rosacea is a process of the skin destroying itself, and it can also be a hotbed of bacterial infestation because of the seeping and oozing that comes with severe conditions.

So what can we do to help you overcome this condition?

How do Rosacea Treatments work?

One traditional treatment method for rosacea is to use prescription steroidal creams. Unfortunately, the creams only suppress the inflammation and do not deal with the underlying condition of the skin.

At Luminous You, we use laser treatments to get rid of rosacea. First we smooth out the surface inflammation of the skin and reduce redness. Then we get underneath the surface layer of the skin to strengthen and regenerate new strong and toned collagen that will keep the rosacea vascularization in the dermis where it belongs. This stops the rosacea from creeping up to the top layer of the skin where everyone can see it in all its red glory.

Our laser treatment process targets both the top layers and deep in the dermis, which helps reduce the flare-up of rosacea. While there is the possibility it may come back, it won’t come back quickly. Rosacea takes a long time to manifest itself, and if it does, we can stop it in its tracks with our proven laser treatments.

What can I expect during and after treatment?

The extent, duration and frequency of treament depends on the severity of the rosacea. In very mild rosacea cases, one laser treatment might be enough. In very severe cases, however, there must be a series of laser treatments utilized to take care of the inflammation and the vascularization on the surface before we can get down underneath and take care of the collagen remodeling and strengthening. For a moderate cases, it may take three to five laser rosacea treatments to clear this up.

Proper skin care is required after treatment to prevent flare-ups and prolong results. Luminous You offers a variety of products to create a comprehensive skin care regimen for you.

The results from rosacea laser treatments will leave you with a natural glow and smooth skin that looks and feels wonderful.


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